Crawfish Boil


Live Crawfish is usually bought in a sack +/- 40lb They will need to be kept cold

The crawfish will need to be soaked/washed.  They are 'mudbugs' after all.  Need to get all that mud off their shells before boiling time.


Prepare the Veggies

First batch of veggies will be the potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots and citrus.  Cut into rough chunks.

Prepare the Veggies

Next batch will be the sausage, corn and mushrooms.  They don't need as much time in the pot.



Discard of Dead Crawfish

You'll want to weed out the dead crawfish - the main reason for this is you don't don't know how long they have been dead and you don't want to get yourself or your guests sick.

The kids will be curious!

All kids love to play with the crawfish - which is fine.  Just be careful of the claws, the bigger ones can pack quite a pinch!

Drain the Veggies

After the veggies and sausage has cooked drain for a couple of minutes then place into an ice chest to keep warm.

Drop The Crawfish!

Time to

Crawfish Boil

Boiling the crawfish takes just a few minutes then they need to soak for much longer to soak up the seasoning!

Crawfish Boil

Lift the basket and wedge the paddle to allow the basket to sit for a few minutes to drain.

Ice Chest

Once the crawfish have drained put into an ice chest to keep warm.  They are now ready to eat with the veggies!

Crawfish Boil




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