A New Orleans Seafood Gumbo Recipe - winner of many cook-offs!

With blue crabs, shrimp and smoked sausage.

Andouille Sausage

Smoked Sausage



Gumbo Crabs

Green Onions

Bay Leaves

Oil and Flour

Creole Seasoning

Holy Trinity

Seafood Stock

Loose Crab Meat

In a large pot make a nice Dark Roux.

Caramelize the smoked sausage, onions, bell pepper, celery and garlic.

Slowly add the seafood stock and seasonings.

Cook, covered for about 30 minutes, then add the blue crabs.

Cook for about 1 Hour then add the shrimp and crab meat.

Serve with white rice, gumbo filé and potato salad. 

Delicious Comfort Food!

A Louisiana Seafood Gumbo Recipe that will become your new favorite dish.